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sipka   Why merchandising?

To make your goods sell well!

  • They must be neatly arranged in a shelf or rack.
  • Price tags must be attached to the goods.
  • They must be easily available
  • They must attract attention, be arranged in a logical and comprehensible manner.
  • They must be in a good condition.

Your goods must be well cared for at the point of sale! If the point of sale staff do not provide this service and it is not cost-effective for you to use your own sales representatives, we are ready to provide our assistance.

  • Our merchandisers work at all major points of sale in the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • We can easily adapt capacity to your momentary needs.
  • We have gained experience with various assortment groups.
  • We will see to orders.
  • We will see to stocktaking’s and return slips, we will provide assistance during refurbishment.
  • We will monitor the presence of goods at the point of sale.
  • We will ensure that the goods remain clean, and monitor guarantee periods.
  • We will provide price tags when missing.
We will inform you immediately on our merchandisers’ visits; the information will be available to you in the  DADA PILOT information system on the Internet.

sipka   Turn-key merchandising project by DaDa Promotion

  • We will assist you in selecting points of sale to be supplied with goods.
  • We will provide experienced merchandisers.
  • We will prepare a merchandiser’s manual.
  • We will organize a training course and launch supply.
  • Merchandising processes are supervised; telephone and personal checks are carried out.



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